Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lesson Of The Day! Hashtags @ Life Struggles

One night I planned
What I need to do the following day...
The next morning, I want to do 
What I planned yesterday.

Suddenly, I cannot do it...
I don't have the power to move...
I keep on shouting...
Keep on yelling...
I keep on calling for help..
But nobody hears me. 

Do you think it happen to you?
Like this kind of situation?

Maybe yes?? or maybe not!!!

But for me, it happened
Many times

I thought it was my last day here on earth
That moment struggling between death and life
It wasn't easy to fight.

My only weapon 
Is my prayer to Almighty God
Asking His mercy

Allowing my body to move
Alhamdullilah, All thanks to ALLAH
For another day of my Life.

(*_*) Have a nice morning (*_*)

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