Friday, November 27, 2015

Farewell To Our Dear Marjorie!!!

Farewell to you dear @Marjorie,
Wherever you are going-we believe you are now safe, happy, and free from pain.
This past 3 weeks has been very rough.
Your teachers, classmates and friends showed emotional support
And affection as you battle between life and death.

Your family, cousins (especially Dedey and your sister Margie), 
Uncle's and Auntie's love you unconditionally.
They never left you till end of your life.
We are in great pain that neither our cries nor any comforting words
Could relieve our anguish thinking that you have left us so soon.
But if we think how much God Almighty loved you
That He freed you from your torments and sufferings,
We are happy because we all know you are now in His hands

We will miss you Marjorie

High school life

Cheer my friends

Happy moment


Farewell to you my friend

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