Saturday, May 3, 2014

Who is Adrelyn Yosores

A - Adrelyn  Bebing Yosores

D - Dear Readers,

R - Remember "Adrelyn" I'm the only one has this name.

E - Everyone wants to use my legal name with out my permission.

L - Let me know who is using this name?

Y - You know why? they are fake.

N - Nobody knows my secret behind the meaning of this name.
      Now, I will reveal unto you from where my name came from; actually it is a combined name.
     Ad - from my beloved father "Adriano"
     Re -  from my beloved mother "Remedios", and
     Lyn - from my God mother Marilyn.

B - Bebing is my childhood nick name.

E - Everyone knows me as Bing or Bebing in my hometown.

B - Beng or Bebing for me is the same.

I - Isn't it?

N - Not all my friends know my real name.

G - Good day to all my friends.

Y - Yosores is my last name

O - Original Yosores is from Spain, where my great great grand father came from.

S - Some say they migrate from Spain to Cebu, Philippines.

O - Original Yosores spelling is Usores then they changed to Yosores.

R - Right, it's not bad changing the spelling to make the pronunciation  right.

E - Even me I changed my whole name too.

S - Sad to say but that is the truth.

Thanks for reading!!!

Have a nice day.

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