Sunday, November 22, 2015

Farewell To You Marjorie Yosores

I've been waiting for you to wake up
To talk and dream together for your future
Hoping to wake up again and continue our dreams
Asking God sign for you to come back to us.

One day I heard some hope that you will be with us
Again, to dream what we started 
But all of a sudden
All those hopes and dreams disappeared 
I couldn't believe it
You break my heart

It hurts to think that you are gone
Your friends and classmates speak how nice you are
Your cousins, siblings and relatives mourn and cry for you
But I think God love you more than we do
You are now with them, with your Lolo Arding, and Uncle Brook.

We will always remember and love you.
Deep inside in our heart
Farewell to you, my dear Marjorie Yosores

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