Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Wish In My 50th Birthday!

Thankful to all
I'm thankful to all who came and wishes my special day!
Thank you to my loving husband for un-ended support,
And the gift he gave for this occasion!!
To a beautiful sister who assisted me in my cooking time.
But above all I'm very thankful to Almighty ALLAH.
For all His blessing that HE shower with me every minute of my LIFE.

What is written for Us
Whatever happens was always going to happen,
And whatever isn't willed to happen.
By Allah subhanahu wa-ta'ala will never happen.

Prayer to Allah
Oh Allah! You are the protector for everything here on Earth.
You know what is hidden from me.
I know You always tested me for my strength.
Being a faithful servant unto YOU..
Guide me always to the truth.
Never neglect me, when I'm weak.
I fight myself not to do any mistake.
You are the only ONE
Can help us. Ameen.

Birthday Wish
I wish I could fly
To reach You on the sky
I wish I could dance
To dance with you in your arm's
I wish I could sing
To sing the song that I'm here for you

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