Monday, August 3, 2015

Don't Give Up!


It was summer when I remember, when I was a kid at the age of 10;
I used to sell banana cue(barbecue), with halo halo and
Some candies for children and old folks.

I used to jog in the morning with my siblings and my friends.
We'll pass the old market to buy the stuffs for me
To sell in my small store.

I became very responsible at that age till I finished my college.
Then, I started building my small business- buy and sell,
Such as RTW, and sari sari store (groceries), as well as
Avon products, and Tupperware.
Selling those stuffs were my passion.
Until one day, my father look for a job for me.
There I started working in the office as a bookkeeper. 

My dream was to be a successful business woman or best wife.
But how could I become the best wife if I did not found
The Love of My Life? I had several suitors but
My heart did not palpitate the way I wanted it to.
So, I focused myself to do business while I was working in the office. 

One day I thought, I'll work abroad and follow my dream.
I did. But working abroad was hard for me.
I almost give up my life, the night mare I had that day.
It was just a dream, until I Marry my husband who save my LIFE.

This cute baby remind me for what I dream for.

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