Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Childhood Life

There was a young boy, who became my close friend of mine. 
We played together, run here and run there, then we both stop 
Under the guava tree, smile, then laugh, and talk.....
He said to me: If I will become rich, I will buy you a big doll 
That look exactly like you, and a big house where we can play,
And live together with full of toys that everything we need so 
That our happiness will never end......
Suddenly I heard my brother who is calling my name, 
So I run home with out saying goodbye to him. The night came,
I was standing on the terrace thinking about what he said to me
And mesmerized by the dreams he has built for me.
Even until now I can still remember vividly in my mind
Every details of the word he said to me that very day. 

My sister woke me up and told me get up because I will be 
Late for school. When I rushed out, it's almost 7:00 AM
In the morning so I hurriedly get ready for the breakfast 
Then went to school.
When I reached at home after 4:00 PM, 
I was so excited to go out to play and to meet him once more.
But I found myself in distress knowing that he was gone forever.
I keep thinking why he left without saying good bye.
I found myself in the corner while my tears rolling down 
On my checks, keep thinking about how it happened?

One morning in the school as I was walking toward 
My Social Studies classroom. I noticed a lot of student
Peeping towards our classroom.
I wondered why? So I ask my classmate but she doesn't
Know neither,  as we were approaching near our classroom
I saw a boy standing near the door and being cheered.
He look smart, he was wearing nice cloth and it seem like 
He came from rich family, so everybody was friendly to him.
We were almost near the room I felt my heart palpitating.
I was astonished to see him once again, I was apprehensive
Whether to run and hug him. I wanted to ask him why. 
Inside me, I was hoping for an explanation, but my pride and anger
Over ruled the feeling that I have toward him, 
So I ignored him instead, I know he was hurt just like me.
After a month I heard that he was gone like a wind again 
I don't know even his name.....

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