Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Love of My Life

How can I name you as my Beloved, I never knew you! 
As what I know it is between two lovers who share each other
Sorrows and happiness.
How can I name you as my Friend, You never introduce yourself
To be one of my friend!! As what I know friends share each other problem.
Yes, I could name you as a Theft,
Because you stole my heart since I met you.
If I could name you as the Love of my Life,
Since you stole my heart I'm far away
From my body and soul, It's beyond my control:
Since you set your eyes on me, I keep thinking why?
Then you keep following on me, still I don't understand why?
I keep avoiding you and hide myself, but the more I hide
The more we meet each other.
Til you say; HI my world stopped, I felt my heart palpitating.
My Life started to change, and you are always in my mind.
Til one day I talk to you on the phone, I wanted to let you know
Not to see me anymore, but I'm speechless.
When I heard your voice my world stopped, I felt my heart palpitating.
Then you are there, I saw your shinning SMILE.
I felt my heart started melting.
I tried to forget you many times it end with pain, and tears in my eyes.
I don't know what should I do the rest of my life.
Till I realized a part of you has grown in me.
Is this a True Love, that I never knew I could feel like this.
I cannot described the way I miss you so much.
I try to be strong, to fight this feeling I have for you.
That is why I'm here in this site, to express my thoughts.
That is the only way for me to survive.
You are lucky; because I love you very much.
If we meant to be together forever, then I promise you; 
To love you even more, to take care, and pay you what you deserve.
I'll be thankful, if ever you remember me.
I'll be grateful, if ever you take care yourself away from any evils.
Always thinking, remembering  your Sweet SMILE never end.

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